Thanks 2015 and welcome 2016

Screenshot_2015-12-30-15-44-00What’s your resolution in 2016? If you have resolution or pledge or promise which must be realized in 2016, please write on your note and try to open it in the end of 2016. If your resolution(s) is accomplished, you will be very happy. However, if it is not, don’t be sad or upset, you can pursue and achieve again.

In 2015, I have many experiences in my life. It started on February 2015 when I went to public library with my family. In the library, we read and played together. My daughter had fun and she borrowed 2 books and brought them at home. In the middle of February still in the same of year, it was the first time, the head of library chose me to become a tour guide for the library of Universitas Airlangga, the place where I work. The Amerta Students, the international exchange students came and wanted to know about library. They were students from many countries especially ASEAN and studied in many major at Universitas Airlangga. One of them always came to library corner and I apreciated him. I supported him to learn many things such as culture, tourism and slang words in Indonesian. I remembered all activities with him from March to July 2015. We had lunch, dinner and before he left, we ever had breakfast together. In Surabaya, we looked around the city with my motorcycle and rode slowly. I never forgot when we went to Yogyakarta and travelled to many destinations such as Borobudur Temple, Malioboro, Kotagedhe, Keraton, Prambanan and attending to Yuni’s wedding. It was an unforgetable moment. I thank him to be my friend.

Moreover, I went to Jakarta 4 times. In the first week of february, I came to Warung Prancis meeting. In the end of July, I attended to Ministry of Education Gathering. Later in the third week of September I accompanied the winner of spelling bee competition to join grand final and at last, in the second week of December I followed the head of library to UI and Binus. After work, I became single traveller, I looked around Jakrta using by Trans Jakarta, City Tour Bus, Bajaj and I felt different atmosphere.

In the same year, I went to Bandung, Manado and Padang, I was very excited. First, I dived at Bunaken, the marine national park. I and my friends went there by boat. It is unbelievable that I can reach that place.

And recently, I met another Amerta Student again. I have friends from Cambodian. I remembered the moment when they lived here, buying the laptop at Hitech Mall and cellphone at WTC. Time flies too fast and 11 January 2016, they will return to their country. I was slightly disappointed on the third december when we were supposed to go to Madura but it was cancelled.

This is my short story in 2015, I wish in 2016, I can achieve my objective which is obtaining high score in English Test. Wish me luck. Thanks a lot 2015, welcome 2016, Life is miracle.


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