International Student Experiences at Universitas Airlangga with Yew Kok Tang

IMAG4237On the middle of February 2015, I got some letters from IOP. It stated that UNAIR had many students from many countries, and they wanted to know about UNAIR’s library. We, as the librarians, prepared it. The head of library chose me and Okta to guide them. Approximately, there were 30 students who came and learn about the library access, from A to Z. After the visitation, one of them always came to the library. I always recognized him when he was in the library, but I didn’t know him.

At first, I knew him when he came to American Corner and joined the conversation program. Then, we knew each other, and I offered assistance to accompany him to look around Surabaya. I also talked to him to invite his friends to come to American Corner. His name was Yew Kok Tang, and I called him Yew. Later, he invited his friends to join the program. They were Atiqah, Tia, and Fatini. They’re from Malaysia too. Yew Kok Tang, he studied at Management Science University Malaysia, and his major was Biomedical.

One day, I got a wedding invitation and invited Yew to come to my friend’s wedding at Graha ITS.  He appreciated it and captured many objects. We ate together and after that took picture together with the couple.

I always chatted with him, and he told me that he missed Chinese Food. Then, I invited him to come to Pasar Atom. Before I went to Banyuwangi (Travelled with my office friend), we went there and ate Noodle. After that, we went to Public Library. I knew he like Korean Culture, because he told me about his activity with his Korean friend. On the Public Library, he took picture at the Korean Corner (A room in Public Library)

Perhaps on the end of March 2015, I had an appointment with him to go to Sutos. We watched French Culture Performance, and we enjoyed many views in SUTOS. After that, we went to Suroboyo Statue at Surabaya Zoo and took picture. Later we went to Taman Bungkul and ate Rawon Kalkulator.

IMAG5093Probably In April 2015, I invited him to attend another friend’s wedding held in Airlangga Convention Center. He made a video about Javanese wedding ceremony and we ate a lot. Later, we went to Tunjungan Plaza to know about Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair. There, I had an appointment with Dicky and Mahmudi. Yew treated us Air Mata Kucing and gave us a brief information about it. Air Mata Kucing is one of Malaysian Products.

After mid examination, I invited him to my house, and he said yes. On Sunday afternoon, I picked him up to Menganti, and he met my wife and my daughter. We talked together and after that we went to Citraland. We ate and made mini video.

1431938458569Moreover I had another wedding invitation in May 2015 in Yogyakarta. Yew and his friends arranged the trip to go there. He invited me to join. In detail, we could only book a single train tickets so we return to Surabaya by bus. In Yogyakarta, we rented a car for 2 days and visited Borobudur, Prambanan, Merapi Mount, Malioboro, Yogya Palace, Yogya Square, Kalianyar, and surely came to my friend’s wedding. My friend who married is Wahyuni. Furthermore, Yew and me stayed at my uncle’s house, and his friends stayed in hotel. When we stayed there, we woke up in the morning and walked around. We went to traditional market, ate some local culinaries. Finally, we should return to Surabaya. Yew’s friends looked for shirts and we found the cheapest price in the bus station.

IMAG5490After that, I helped him to go to Kebun Raya Purwodadi for his research, and we celebrated the 4th of July with Ohio State University Students, 3 days before he left.

To sum up I have so many experiences with Yew. I hope, someday we can meet again.


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