International Student Experiences at Universitas Airlangga with Ly Hout Pheng.


IMAG1286Ly Hout Pheng, I called Pheng and he called me, Mr Agung. I know him from Dicky. Dicky is an UNAIR’s student. He’s studying at International Relations of Universitas Airlangga. Pheng and Vuthea are Amerta Students from Cambodia and always came at the American Corner when they first came here. They are studying at Law of Royal University of Phnom Penh. I got many information about them from Dicky, and he always invited them to look around many sites in Surabaya, such as Gramedia and Grand City. I always offered one of them (Pheng), but failed.

At the first, I invited them to lunch and Dicky suggested me where food venue. We went together and meet in Srikana. I forgot the name of food vendor. Pheng didn’t like Surabaya food. He always said Surabayas’ food is too salty; as a result, he always ate Nasi goreng or noodle. I confused about it and I seldom offered him to eat together.

1444573971207Futhermore, he chatted me by LINE to accompany him to buy laptop. I preferred THR (Taman Hiburan Rakyat or HiTech Mall) than GM (Galaxy Mall). He told me before to buy laptop at GM. On the middle of October 2015 after I prayed in the Church, we were going to THR and bought the laptop. Then, we went to Laptop One, the cheapest computer seller in THR but closed, because we came early. Later, we looked many sellers around THR and got it. After that, we went to Kia Kia and took picture in front of gate and lunch together at SMA 5.

One day, Pheng invited me to go for dinner at Kertajaya Indah and treated me. So I treated him when invited him to go to Citraland.

IMAG1439I have a uniques experiences when we went together to Madura. Going with motorcycle, we can reach many destinations such as Bukit Jaddih, Toroan Waterfall, and Complong Beach. This was my first through the Suramadu Bridge with motorcycle. Pheng was excited when he reached there. I remembered when he took the stone and brought to Cambodia and I smiled. I estimated we have gone as far as 300 km while we were travelling ½ Madura Island. Actually we went from Bangkalan to north beach (Ketapang, Sampang the waterfall) and the final at south beach (Complong,Sampang). At Bukit Jaddih, we made mini video when walked on the top of hill. At Toroan waterfall, we tried the water, because the place near with the beach. At the Complong, I remembered when he captured under water with his cellphone, but the cellphone was damaged. He believed that his gadget is “water resistant” but in fact, it wasn’t.


IMAG1450During travelled, we got nice weather beside we reached Suramadu Bridge for return to Surabaya. I remembered when we stopped in the center of the bridge at 6.30 PM, got heavy raining and felt the strong wind blown us for 15 minutes. Moreover, I was driving my motorcycle to reach to Surabaya. Thanks to God, we could reach home.

Before he left, we went to Marvell City, took a picture and ate at Bungkul. After that, we played many games at Loop Station.

That’s my story with Pheng. I hope someday, we can meet again.

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