Personal Branding for Librarian

IMG_6567-2At the first sight, what do you think about Librarian? Are you describing old fashion, no friendly and bad expression? Please skip on your mind right now, we change! You look at me. I am Librarian at Universitas Airlangga and ready to serve you. To achieve that, I should learn day by day. At the past time, I also have perseption with you about librarian. When I studied in Universitas Padjadjaran, I must change myself first and can change my profesion.

Yesterday I explained my experiences about myself. First of all, I told about definition of Personal branding. Based on book by Colin Wright have already read before, personal branding involves managing your reputation, style, look, attitude and skill set the same way that a marketing team would run the brand for a bag of Doritos or bottle of shampoo.

Dare to change is the key to success. Please know who you are. I invite the participants to take selfie with two poses. First, please take photo with bad pose and second, please take picture with smile face. Which one do you like? Everybody says they like smiling face. In the smiling face, you look nice. Please keep the action don’t do bad action again. Like a brand, you should know who your customer and where’s your potition. It’s more important to change.

Everyone is unique and have many kinds of strengness and also weakness. You have to maximize your strengths and minimize your weakness. Show yourself and I believe you can do that. Remembering the theory of brand posisioning. We must know our customer and who are they. Segmented is more important thing. Where we are, in the up, middle or low. Life need competition to survive.

I always think on my mind to change myself and gave you the tips.
1. Confidence is the key to build yourself if you’re not confidence you can’t change your world.
2. Do you have social media account? Please make social media if you didn’t have. You can explore yourself with your social media. Exploring your hobby, activities or family. With iconic social media, you already made your brand.
3. Connecting with the others through communication tools such as phone or email.
4. Making the name card with personalize.


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