Cooking Day with Kelly

14657441_1212682782125958_6304786364144292761_nHave you visited American Corner UNAIR before? If you said NOT YET, please and please arrange your schedule right now. During studying, you must have free time and don’t hesitate to come our corner. We have a lot of program to increase you capability especially English skill. Chit Chat, Cushion Chat and Cross Culture Understanding are our regulary programs. Beside on program you can learn English based on magazines, DVD’s or games.

What do you think about Cross Culture Understanding? This program dedicated to learn culture, a new thing  and understood each other. Music, Fashion, Dance, Food are created by culture. We always made our programs in the corner and seldom to outreach. Boring is the way reason to make different program. Some day, we invited Kelly to talk her activities while she’s in Indonesia. After programming, we discussed together about coming up event. I have an idea to cook together. Based on everybody loves food, I decided and said to Kelly to prepare this program. I said her “don’t worry about materials and money, we supported.” She’s so happy when heard it. After discussing, she wrote on note about materials.

14716058_1212682672125969_3227163861628865862_nKelly is a teacher in SMA Wahid Hasyim at Sepanjang Sidoarjo and stayed at Perumahan Permata Indah. Kelly is an English Teaching Assistant, an organization undered by US Embassy Jakarta. We held CCU Cooking Day program at Saturday 22 October 2016 on Kelly’s House. We planned 4 cuisinies to cook together, they are Gado-gado, Rujak Manis (Made by Kelly Students), Bruschetta and Pasta. Before going to Kelly’s House, Juju, Adhi and me bought materials at Carrefour. We went there by motorcycle after I finished my desk. We got all things by Kelly’s list, later put our laggage in Juju’s house.

On the day, Kelly invited her students and friends on American Corner when she attended. In a fact only Troopers (the American Corner volunteer) and some students join our program. They met at in front of UNAIR Library and ordered taxi online application to go to Kelly’s house. Me and my other friends came early to Kelly’s house to help her. Lusy, she’s a Troopers member, bought gado-gado materials in the traditional market near Kelly’s house.

14642243_1213004342093802_6351991049519619139_nKelly has a beautiful partner. She also English Teaching Assistant. Her name is Krupa, she taught in SMA Khadijah Wonokromo. On the final day, she prepared pasta especially made tomato sauce. Krupa and Kelly looked happy when she cooked. From her cellphone, music always turned on and accompanied them in the kitchen. We cooked together, shared and ate the food when finished. After program, we dance together in English. Awesome!

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